QMS EnterpriseIQ is an extensive, single-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing software solution that enables DMP to become leaner, more productive and more competitive. Using iQMS Enterprise IQ, DMP streamlines it’s manufacturing processes and boost productivity levels. Designed and created by manufacturers for manufacturers, IQMS makes implementing, using and maintaining manufacturing software easier than ever before.
RealTime Production Monitoring System. 
Automatically track data directly from work centers and update production schedules and inventory instantaneously.
Industry Specific Bills of Manufacture. 
Pre-defined BOMs meet the unique needs of injection molder, blow molders extruders, compounders and thermoformers and die casting, stamping, more. IQMS’s multi-level BOMs reflect critical interdependencies making assemblies easy to track.

Drag-and-Drop Graphical Scheduling Tool. 
Instantly ensure optimal resource planning throughout the supply chain by viewing the entire production schedule and variables that affect capacity.